Team Freedom

Supporting Masonic Troops and their families through the dual support of the MTSP and MMSF.

Package Contents

Here is a list of some of the items we will be sending to our Brothers.  This list will be updated often as the needs/wants of our Brothers change.  Contents may vary slightly for each box.  We will accept donations of any of these items in bulk.  If your group or Lodge would like to start a donation drive please contact us at  MTSP for information on what can and cannot be shipped as well as security restrictions.

AT&T Phone card (with select donations)
Kool Aid
Playing Cards
Tooth Paste
Tooth Brush
Nature Valley Granola Bar
Top Ramen Noodles Chicken and Oriental
Beef Jerky
Chicken noodles Pack
Jolly Rancher 7oz Bag
Dental Floss
Bumble Bee Sardine
Nail Clippers
Baby Wipes Small Pocket packs
sunflower seeds

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