Team Freedom

Supporting Masonic Troops and their families through the dual support of the MTSP and MMSF.

Contact A DeMolay in Uniform

One of the most important things that you or your chapter can do is write to a brother who is overseas. Even during peace time, many DeMolays in uniform are deployed far away from home. They would love to hear from you. Below are mailing and e-mail addresses of Active and Senior DeMolays. Become a pen pal, or just write one letter. You can update them about the things that are happening at home. Write your brother and let him know how your favorite sports team is doing, what plans you have for summer vacation, or what your chapter is up to. The most important thing is to stay in touch.

 HM3 Harry T. Acuna
PMC Wadih C. Saab Chapter, Philippines
 Matthew McClelland, U.S. Army
PMC Fort Wayne Chapter, Indiana
Mail to:   CPL Matthew J. McClelland
HHC 1 st BN-293 Infantry
APO, AE   09366
 PFC Michael Adams, U.S. Marine Corps
The Colony Chapter, Texas
 CPL Matthew J. McClelland
HHC 1 st BN-293 Infantry
APO, AE   09366
 John Arnould, U.S. Army
PMC, Clio Chapter, Michigan
Mail to:  Arnould, John 3rd Platoon
D Co., 795the MP BN
350 Nineteenth St. Unit 45
Ft. Leonard Wood, MO 65473-8802
 Lt. Kevin McHorney, U.S. Navy
Old West Chapter, California
Mail to:  LT. Kevin McHorney
USS Doyle (FFG 39)
FPO, AA 34090-1494
 Chris Brown, U.S. Marine Corps
Murfreesboro Chapter, Tennessee
Mail to:  CPL Brown, CK, USMC
U I C 42388
FPO, AP   96426-2388
 Patrick McHorney, U.S. Air Force
PMC Old West Chapter, California
 SSG Mitchell Brown, U.S. Army
John Wayne Chapter, Texas
 Dave McInnis, U.S. Navy
California Chapter, California
Mail to:   Dave McInnis
609 Chadron Ave.
Chadron, NE   69337
 LCPL Jared Carter, U.S. Marine Corps
PMC, Mountain Home Chapter, Idaho
 Alan Meadows, U.S. Air Force
PMC Ft. Worth Chapter, Texas
 PO 3rd Class Charles Carver, U.S. Coast Guard
Reagan Chapter, Texas
Mail to:  PO 3rd Class Charles Carver
215 Drum Rd.
Staten Island, NY 10305
 Leif Millar, U.S. Air Force
Walt Disney Chapter, Michigan
Mail to:  AB Millar, Leif T.
331 TRS/FLT 279
Dorm B6 PSC 3
1500 Shaw Drive
, Unit 369540
Lackland AFB, TX 78236-6095
 PFC Matthew Ceccato, U.S. Army
PMC Robert L. Wade Chapter, California
 Andrew Miller, Army National Guard Special Forces, Active Duty
PMC Twickenham/Milford Chapter, Alabama
Mail to:   Miller, Andrew R.
Unit 3, 120
APO, AE   09311
 SSGT Jeremy M. Clark, U.S. Air Force
Sir Galahad Chapter, Oklahoma
 Richard J. Moss, U.S. Army Reserve
Charles F. Buck Chapter, Louisiana
Mail to:  Richard J. Moss
520 Oakhurst St.
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
 Senior Airman Jerod L. Clark, U.S. Air Force
Sir Galahad Chapter, Oklahoma
 Richard J. Moss
520 Oakhurst St.
Altamonte Springs, FL 32701
 A1C Kenneth Lord, III, U.S. Air Force
PMC, Alexandria-Washington Chapter, Virginia
 PFC Adam Dean Perry, U.S. Army
PMC Clayton Chapter (now Hampton Chapter), Georgia
Mail to:  PFC Adam Dean Perry
8360 3rd Avenue
Unit 447
Fort Rucker, AL 36362
 William H. Clore, III, U.S. Navy
Occoquan Chapter, Virginia
 2nd Lt. Craig C. Cook, U.S. Air Force
PSMC Wyoming, PMC Laramie Chapter, Wyoming
 Captain Jeffrey S. Coomler, U.S. Army
PSMC Indiana, Englewood Chapter, Indiana
Mail to:  CPT Jeffrey S. Coomler
A Company / 1-293 Infantry
APO, AE   09366
 John Poffenbarger, U.S. Air Force
Templar Chapter, Illinois
 Steve Porter, U.S. Marine Corps
PMC Old West Chapter, California
 Scott Alan Cooper, U.S. Marine Corps
PSMC Wyoming, Darius Chapter, Wyoming
 Christopher “Cap” Prentiss, U.S. Air Force
PMC Orange Chapter, California
 A1C Christopher Price, U.S. Air Force
PMC Keene Chapter, New Hampshire
Mail to:  A1C Christopher Price
PSC 41 BOX 4706
APO, AE 09464
 LTC Mike Cremona, U.S. Army
Mail to: 
LTC Salvatore M. Cremona
416 th ENCOM
APO, AE   09366
 A1C William David Reese, IV, U.S. Air Force
PMC Henry Bingham Chapter, Pennsylvania
 SSgt Shane T. Curtis, U.S. Air Force
Columbus Chapter, Mississippi
Mail to:  SSgt Shane T. Curtis
125 Sage Creek Drive
Raeford, NC 28376
 Michael Roach, U.S. Army Reserve
West Newton Chapter, Indiana
 Paul Roberts, U.S. Navy
Whidby Island Chapter, Washington
 Dale W. Rose, U.S. Navy
Penninsula Chapter, California
 Chaplain LTC Donald F. Davidson, U.S. Army
PSMC Ohio, PMC-MSA Union County Chapter, dual member of Logan County Chapter, Ohio
Mail to:  Chaplain LTC Donald F. Davidson
35 ID (F) HHC
OJF Eagle Base
APO, AE   09789
 Harold Sebastian, U.S. Navy
PMC, Far East Chapter, Philippines
 Scott Shannon, U.S. Army
PMC Old West Chapter, California


 Ryan M. Shireman, U.S. National Guard
Moorestown – Excelsior Chapter, New Jersey
Mail to:  PV2 Shireman
B.Co. 1/81 AR 4th Plt. 315M
Fort Knox, KY 40121
 PFC Justin G. Shreffler
Midlothian Chapter, Virginina
Mail to:  PFC Justin G. Shreffler
MWCS - 18 MACG - 18
Unit 37181 MT/UT
FPO, AP 96603-7181
 Andrew Decker, U.S. Army
PMC Salt Lake Chapter, Utah
 SPC Dustin L. Singleton, U.S. Army
Sellwod Chapter, Oregon
 PFC Lucas DeLoss, U.S. Army
Tri-Cities Chapter, Texas
 Lance Corporal Zachary PD Smith, U.S. Marine Corps
PMC-MSA Tacoma Chater, Washington
Mail to:  LCPL Smith, Zachary PD, USMC
UIC 41136
FPO, AP 96426-1136
 Jimmy Drescher, U.S. Navy
PMC Richardson Chapter, Texas
 SPC Jonathon Eda, U.S. Army Reserves
PMC, Alexandria-Washington Chapter, Virginia
 Adam Stiner, U.S. Army Military Police
Youngstown Chapter, Ohio
Mail to:  Spec 4 Adam Stiner
25 th M.P. Co. Box 276
Sch. Bks., HI   96857
 PFC Matthew Dexter Edmonds, U.S. Army
Chevalier, Painesville Chapter, Ohio
Mail to:  E. Co.,3rd U.S. Inf. (TOG), Box 61
Fort Myer, VA 22211-1104
 PFC Nicholas C. Thrasher, U.S. Army
PSMC New Hampshire
Mail to:  PFC Nicholas C. Thrasher
U.S. Army
1st Platoon C, 551st Signal Battallion
Fort Gordon, GA 30905
 David Ellison, Missouri Army National Guard
Mineral Area Chapter, Missouri
Mail to:  HHC 1140th Eng Bn
Sgt David Ellison
APO, AE 09331
 Master Sergeant Carl A. Vetter, U.S. Air Force
PMC La Mesa Chapter, California
 SrA Mike Falvo, U.S. Air Force
PSSC New York, 2-time PMC Mohawk Valley Chapter, New York
 Jeremy Walsh, U.S. Navy
PMC from Toledo, Ohio
 PFC Cole Finley
Winona Chapter, Minnesota
 A1C Kelly Wanty-White, U.S. Air Force
Past Sweetheart, Huron Valley Chapter, Michigan
Mail to:  A1C Kelly Wanty-White, USAF
5 CES, Plumber
Minot AFB, ND
 SN Jason Gialenes, U.S. Navy
Orange Chapter, California
Mail to:  SN Gialenes
USS Constitution
Charleston Navy Yard Bldg 5
Charleston, MA   02129
 Senior Airman Todd Wellman, U.S. Air Force
Mountian Laurel Chapter, Pennsylvania
Mail to:  405 AEW-28-EAMXS
Senior Airman Todd W. Wellman
Operation Enduring Freedom
Unit 73004
 PFC Ryan Gilbert, U.S. Army
PMC Medina Chapter, Ohio
Mail to:  PFC Ryan Gilbert
39th SFS (Incirlik Air Base)
Unit 7080 Box 95
US Army (TCS)
APO, AE 09824-8095
 Spc. Charles R. Wenger, U.S. Army
PMC A.D. MacDonald Chapter, Montana
Mail to:  Spc. Wenger, Charles R.
B BTRY 1 st /377 FAR
Unit #91411
APO, AE   09302-1411
 AO 2 Chris Gilbreath, U.S. Navy
PMC Corpus Christi Chapter, Texas
 ET3 Brady T. Goin, U.S. Navy
Corpus Christi Chapter, Texas
 Spc. Gregory A. Williams, U.S. Army
PMC Renton Chapter, Washington
Mail to:  Spc. Gregory A. Williams
C BTRY 1-27 FA   BN
Unit 91409
APO, AE   09392-1409
 Travis Gradert, U.S. Navy
PMC George B. Pryde Chapter, Wyoming
Mail to:  Gradert, Travis R., Seaman, U.S. Navy
320A Dewey Ave.
BEQ 331
Great Lakes, IL   60088
 Lee Woodby
PMC Livingston County Chapter, Michigan

RN #150 Lee Andrew Woodby
D/2-19 IN
Fort Benning, GA 31905

 Milton Gray, III, U.S. Navy
Roseville Chapter, Michigan
 Senior Airman Jonathan Groleau, U.S. Air Force
Byron Northup Chapter, Rhode Island
Mail to:  Sr. Am Jonathan P.A. Groleau
351st ARS, PSC 37 Box 515
APO, AE 09459
 SPC Phillip Wolfe, U.S. Army
PMC Newport Chapter, Delaware
 MM3 Justin D. Worthington, U.S. Navy
Paradise Chapter, California
Mail to:  MM3 Worthington, Justin D.
101NNPTC Circle
Goose Creek, South Carolina   29445
 PFC Joshua Hall, U.S. Army
Portage Chapter, Ohio
Mail to:  PFC Joshua Hall
8350 3rd Ave., Unit 127
Ft. Rucker, AL 36362
 Nicholas A. Young, U.S. Navy
Round Table Chapter, Illinois
 Steven K. Young, U.S. Navy
Charles E. Dagenhart Chapter, Illinois
Mail to:   ABH3 Young, Steven
USS Bataan LH D-5
Air Department/V1
FPO, AE   09554-1657
 Cpl. Jason Michael Hampton, U.S. Marine Corps
Clifford C. Reeves Chapter, Michigan
Mail to:  Lcpl Hampton, Jason, USMC
3 rd LAR Bn (H&S Co. Motor T Platoon)
VIC 39858 Box 1786
FPO AP 96613-1786
 John Hinck, U.S. Army
State Center Chapter, California
 Major John M. Hinck
HHC, 229th Aviation Regiment
Task Force Tiger, CTF-82
APO, AE 09355
 Major John M. Hinck
HHC, 229th Aviation Regiment
Task Force Tiger, CTF-82
APO, AE 09355
 A1C Thomas J. Hodges, U.S. Air Force
PMC Leland Stanford Chapter, Utah
Mail to:  A1C Hodges, Thomas J.
P SC 9 Box 4692
APO, AE   09123
 LCPL Jonathan Hollstein, U.S. Marine Corps Reserve
PMC Rialto Chapter, California
Mail to:  LCPL Jonathan Hollstein
885 Sheridan Rd
San Bernardino, CA 92407
 Charles Clay Jackson, U.S. Army
PSMC Alabama, PMC Mobile Chapter, Alabama
Mail to:  Charles Clay Jackson
HHC 4 10
Fort Hood, Texas   76544
 Joseph Jeffrey, U.S. Army
James A. Guest Chapter, Iowa
 Sgt Patrick Kelley, U.S. Army
Vallejo Chapter, California
Mail to:  SGT Patrick W. Kelley
HHC 1-14 INF BN (2BCT)
APO, AE 09347-9998
 Jeffrey Walter Lanoye, U.S. Air Force
PMC Roseville Chapter, Michigan
Mail to:  Lanoye, Jeffrey W.
4660B McDougal Court
Scott AFB, IL 62225
 Mike Leach, Washington National Guard
PMC / Past Region Representative V.S. Bayne Chapter, Washington
 PFC John Francis Lebiecki, U.S. Army
PMC South Kitsap Chapter, Washington
Mail to:  PFC John Francis Lebiecki
1410 S. Mildred St. #702
Tacoma, WA 98465
 1 st Lt. Cope Leuenberger, U.S. Air Force
Columbia Chapter, Missouri